In front of the statue of Mika sits two books on a podium, the rightmost book containing information about MIKAELA, the creator of the library of ATHEOS. Opening the book, readers are met with pages written long ago, its content sparse and the ink slowly fading into the browned pages. One day time will render the words completely illegible, alongside every other book in the library. The content of the book are as follows:


Bothered by the mundane, Mika searches for something - anything - to occupy their attention. ATHEOS is a passion project and creative outlet created to accomplish something other than academics and engage their mind. Filled with artistic vigor and diseased fervor, they transformed this library into a archive of their mind. Much of the content in the library was created to reflect Mika's various interests and journey through withcraft. Much of the content was also created as a form of documentation, writing down their thoughts and feelings so that they may not forget them. The website was also created as a way to release their emotions - to scream into an endless electronic void the plights of youth and illness.


Mika has several interests, including anime, manga, art, music, witchcraft, psychology, horror, and books. Mika enjoys psychological media the best - the type of stories that makes you think and expand and challenge your mind. Psychology interests Mika greatly, as they love learning about the depths of the human mind and how humans work. Sciences ranging from astrophysics to technology also interest Mika, as Mika enjoys learning about the universe and the nature of this world. Knowledge is an infinite pool Mika submerges themself into, a drink that never ends. The quest for knowledge is ongoing and never-ending, as Mika considers knowledge more valuable than anything else.


Queerness is central to Mika's identity. What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Mika doesn't care. Mika has no gender, living simply as themself. With no relationship with gender, Mika aspires to express themself in a way uninfluenced by this binary world - to create a gender expression based only on their desires. From the moment they were born, they were taught to be and lived as their assigned gender at birth (AGAB). Eventually, they realized the only reason why they thought of themself as their AGAB was because they were taught to do so, and they felt no real alignment with it nor any other gender. They were an actor on a stage playing the role of their AGAB. They decided to throw themself off the stage, to throw away the gender roles they felt constricted by, and became genderless.


Mike was born in and lived in a restrictive Catholic community for most of their life. After struggling between their religion and their LGBT identity for years, they decided to flee the light and become atheist. Later they entered paganism, attracted by the importance it placed on intent and its lack of hierarchy. After deconstructing the ideals they were indoctrinated with as a child, Mika is now firm and unchallengable in their identity. Considering no gods to walk the universe, Mika believes each person is their own master and their own god.

ATHEOS is the archive of Mika's psyche. Come, explore the library of their mind.