Inside the Library of ATHEOS stands an incredibly cluttered and disorganized section, shelves upon shelves all filled with thick books span the vast space. The books were evidently placed hapazardly upon their shelves, slanted and falling in various ways. Many books litter the floor, having fallen off their shelves.

On the outside, these books appear to be normal books. Upon opening one, however, their true purpose is revealed. Some books have pristine and new white pages, meanwhile other books have old, yellowed, and torn pages. Nonetheless, every book is handwritten with black ink. Sometimes the handwriting is neat, clear, and ordely, while other times the handwriting is rushed and disorganized, falling off the lines. This section of the library is the journal section, a section documenting the inner thoughts and feelings of the library's creator, Mikaela.

Come, open a book and learn more about the creator of ATHEOS.

There are no journal entries for now.